Haitai Special Promotion Meeting


On the afternoon of August 16, 2017, Haitai New Energy (835985) participated in a special promotion meeting held by Jingu Lake in Taihu Lake.
Company performance growth point:
1, Vietnam subsidiary was put into operation and, fully released capacity for three times to 1.8GW. The company currently has three main business, solar modules business, distributed generation systems and processing fee income. In 2016, the company achieved a production capacity of 600MW. With the continuous demanding growth in domestic photovoltaic market, the Company's production capacity was rapidly released. In addition to the increase of capacity utilization rate at headquarters, the subsidiary in Vietnam also started to put into operation.
2, The company changed from foundry to develop its own brand, optimized customer’s structure and improved capacity utilization rate.
3, The company established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Tangshan Haitai Power Engineering Co., Ltd, aims at further extending the design, construction and installation (EPC mode) of solar power plants from the production of solar photovoltaic modules and develop industrial chain to terminal application services. Furthermore, the company has also increased the development and operation of distributed power stations and estimated that it will contribute 10% -20% of its revenue annually to the Company in the next two years.