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Warm congratulations to | HT Solar can be awarded "2018 China Photovoltaic poverty alleviation leading enterprise"

  In March 2018, Nur acrylic, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission and Director of the National Energy Administration, made it clear that the National Energy administration would increase support in poor areas in all its aspects in line with the central "precision of poverty alleviation and precision out of poverty" requirements, and firmly promote the poverty alleviation efforts of photovoltaic poverty alleviation, agricultural network transformation and targeted poverty alleviation Strive to achieve people's poverty alleviation, local economic development, energy supply side reform of the "three in a swoop."

  Behind the effect of poverty alleviation reflects the rich connotation, profound thought, complete system of poverty reduction and development strategy. In order to comprehensively and objectively reflect the development status of poverty alleviation in China's energy industry, this paper probes into the new scheme and mode of poverty alleviation in China, and effectively promotes the transformation of "blood transfusion type poverty alleviation" to "hematopoietic poverty alleviation", and demonstrates the great comprehensive benefits of social, people's livelihood and economy, such as the poverty alleviation of China's energy industry The weekly held a preparatory meeting for the 2018 China Energy industry Poverty Alleviation Summit and the China Energy Industry Poverty Alleviation Alliance at the Ka Wah Hotel, Wanda, Beijing today.


  The Conference invited more than 500 people, including the national and local Development and Reform Commission, the Poverty Alleviation Office, the Energy Bureau and Financial Institutions and business representatives, to discuss ways to enhance the "hematopoietic" function and endogenous driving force in poor areas and explore a new model of poverty alleviation in the energy industry with sustainable development.

  HT Solar can tell the conference how to use the front-runner's product standards to do photovoltaic poverty alleviation, to help the cause of poverty development.

At the awards dinner held in the same period, the Conference awarded Haitainue the "2018 China photovoltaic poverty alleviation leading enterprise", which is to HT Solar new energy has been with the leadership of technology and strength, to help the cause of poverty development, to contribute a strength of the affirmation, but also firmly Haitainue can help the cause of poverty alleviation responsibility.

  Focus on photovoltaic 12, quality casting value. Haitainue will always adhere to the "use of leading photovoltaic technology to help the cause of poverty to flourish." With the most stable products, the best quality service, to ensure customer satisfaction, to create value for customers.