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Warm congratulations to | HT Solar receive China's industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic "brand leader Award"

Under the influence of the new deal, the price of core equipment such as photovoltaic modules and inverters has dropped greatly, and the distributed investment income advantage of industrial and commercial industries in Jiangsu and Zhejiang will be further amplified under the drive of favorable policies and economic benefits in each city and county, which is expected to lead the explosion of distributed market in domestic industry and commerce.

In order to better meet the opportunities and challenges faced by the development of distributed photovoltaic industry in industry and commerce, by the China Photovoltaic Leaders Innovation Forum, Shanghai Solar Energy Society, Changzhou Photovoltaic Industry Association, Zhejiang Solar Photovoltaic Trade association jointly sponsored, China Quality Certification Center, Canadian Standards Association, TUV South Deutsche Group, China Electric Power Research Institute supported by the "China Industry and Commerce distributed photovoltaic Application Development Summit Forum" held in Changzhou Jinjiang International Hotel.

  The Conference invited government authorities, industry associations, power grid companies, industrial parks, economic development zones, business and industry users, photovoltaic and energy storage manufacturers, distributed photovoltaic system design, integration, operation and maintenance, investment and third-party testing and certification bodies and other industry leaders and experts, This paper discusses the application and development of industrial and commercial distribution in the era of parity in all aspects.

  After the 5 31 photovoltaic New Deal, the trend of photovoltaic parity Internet access, de-subsidy is becoming more and more obvious, the application of industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic gradually increased, and photovoltaic modules are the core components of photovoltaic system power generation, its high power, high reliability is the most direct and advantageous technology channel to promote "affordable Internet access", so the technology and quality of photovoltaic modules is particularly important Tangshan Haitai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. comprehensively analyzes the current situation of photovoltaic module technology and market, the industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic module selection to do a detailed explanation.

  During the awards session held in the same period, the conference awarded HT Scolar China Industry and Commerce distributed Photovoltaic "brand leader Award", which is the recognition of Haitai new energy brand and product quality.

  At the same time, awarded HT Scolar Chairman-Wang Yong, China Industry and Commerce distributed photovoltaic "leading people award."

Focus on photovoltaic 12, quality casting value. All along, HT Scolar persevere in promoting the company's standardization, Standardization of Construction, the establishment of a complete quality management system, and through strong joint and benchmarking management, and continue to promote the company's management system upgrade.

The company's products have high efficiency, high reliability, high power generation, low system costs and other advantages, access to the market widely recognized. HT Scolar adhere to the most stable products, the best quality service, to ensure customer satisfaction, to create value for customers.