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HT Solar Focus | Japan Ichigo sign strategic cooperation with HT Solar

  Recently, solar photovoltaic in the east certification of a listed company いちごecoエナジー Co., Ltd. visited HT Solar, and HT Solar signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement, is expected to develop 200MW solar photovoltaic projects in Japan in the next 2 years.

Left: いちごecoエナジー Co., Ltd. (Goto President) Right One: HT Solar (Chairman/Wang Yong)

  The Japanese market has always been a powerful country for the development of solar photovoltaic, at the same time, the quality of products have the pursuit of ingenuity, just in line with Haitai focus on production and quality of the development policy.

  Japan will usher in the latest FIT policy in 2019, the adjustment of policies has also promoted the advent of the era of affordable Internet access, in order to truly achieve affordable Internet access, it is necessary for HT Solar and Ichigo such excellent enterprises to make unremitting efforts.

  This strategic cooperation is also HT Solar in the overseas market another turning point, HT Solar in the focus on manufacturing at the same time, actively promote the development of solar power plants, so that the company diversified development, into the industrial chain terminal category, and then in addition to Japan, Haitai will actively launch strategic development around the world, To make greater contributions to the development of new energy undertakings at home and abroad. In particular, in 2018, the company expanded to an annual output of 5.5GW, ranked among the top ten in the world, believing that with the impetus of great productivity, it will certainly create greater social value.