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1, Generate electricity by utilizing clean and renewable solar energy, which in line with the strategy of sustainable economic and social development. 2, The generated power could be merged into power grid and taking power grid as energy storage device. 3, The perfect combination of PV modules and buildings not only helps to reduce construction costs, but also increases technological content of buildings. 4, Distributed construction and supply power by nearby principle. 5, Networked solar PV system is the mainstream trend of worl solar PV power generation with broad prospects.


Power Station of 300KW

Centralized network’s feature:the power generated could be delivered to the large power grid and is supplied to the users by unified deployment.

Distributed Power Station

Distributed photovoltaic power generation refers to the system that transfer solar energy into electrical energy by adopting PV modules which is with broad prospects.

Shanxi Zhaoquan 100KW Project

Photovoltaic poverty alleviation is not only a new way for poverty alleviation work, but also an effective measure to expand the new field of photovoltaic market.

20MW in Baicaowa Village in Hengshui City

Residential off-grid system can be installed on the roof or on the ground with low-cost and renewable features. One-time investment can be exchanged for 25 years’ power supply.

9.9MW Project in Kyoto Fushimi, Japan

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