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Solar Lighting System

      The ideal outdoor lighting system is to combine solar power and advanced LED lighting technology through aesthetic and optical system design. It is safe, energy saving and environment friendly system with pleasant appearance, and could be wildly applied in road lighting, residential lighting, advertising light boxes, bus stop plate, bridge lighting etc. The low cost, high quality, low power consumption LED lighting technology combined with solar lighting system, does not need additional power equipments and facilities, saves power capacity expansion costs, and reduces operation cost. The solar lighting system does not require laying lines, and has simple and convenient installation process. It does not need to set up transmission lines and cables, and does not require the wiring process to connect power distribution cabinet and street light. Also, no special management and control is needed. Compared with the traditional street lamps, the advantages of solar lighting are very obvious. Solar lighting technology is onetime investment with no running cost, and has many benefits such as convenient installation, maintenance-free, long life. Most importantly, this low cost, energy saving technology is also environment sustainable and will not lead to any environment destruction.