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Solar wafer is the key material of making solar cell , which is widely used in p...

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Industry integration

       Based on the strong advanced production equipment, the ingots, wafer and solar modules are all on its own production, Haitai has become one of the PV industry leader. Better quality control procedures and higher conversion efficiency helps to continuously improve production processes so that Haitai can ensure good quality and provide advantage cost to our customers.
Silicon material Ingot Wafer Module System
  Polysilicon is a form of elemental silicon. molten single silicon was solidified in the cold conditions , the silicon atoms are arranged in the diamond lattice to form many nuclei, such as these nuclei grow into a crystal orientation of different grains, these grains are combined, then crystallize into polysilicon .
        One of the important application of polysilicon is solar cells. New energy replaces the conventional energy is imperative in the long way,  the demand market of solar cells is stable and great..
  Haitai uses solidification of DSS to produce ingots . General speaking, silicon materials includes polysilicon and monocrystalline silicon,native polysilicon is commonly referred to as the material which is own the high purity and the price is expensive. the silicon material is melted polycrystalline ingot casting furnaces and then through a series of The process can grow into a polycrystalline silicon ingot,after cooling, use the slicer to slice the silicon ingots, then we can get polycrystalline silicon.  

  With advanced imported equipment, such as the USA GT450 ingot furnace, Switzerland HCT slicing machine, Japan NTC slicer, automatic wafer sorting machines/DELTA, automatic test equipment /PASAN and so on , Haitai guarantees good quality products to customers.Haitai will always maintain a firm belief to promote customer success; we regard quality as life and insist on making quality push the growth of increasing . 
  Our company can provide solar modules of power scale :5--300 watts and the glass module , which can be used in BIPV.  The modules that specially designed for each customer , the power tolerance is strictly in positive tolerance.  The Pasan Testing machine is used to make sure the exactly of the output power.  We developed ourself and apply advanced technology , Tighten the seal, resistance to high mechanical strength,  High transmittance glass and junction box to make sure the safe of module.  We guarantee 12 years 90% output power and 10 years 80% output power.
  household generation system

  Simple Installation: control inverter, battery integrates, just install random with cable connect.
  Easy to use: electrical equipment connected to the control of the inverter integrated AC outlet, turn the power switch to normal use. 
    Simple operation: maintenance-free, deep cycle battery can provide safe and reliable power.
Have good security, reliability and flexibility.