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Solar wafer is the key material of making solar cell , which is widely used in p...

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Sunthe source of photovoltaic system

where there is sunshine , there is Haitai Photovoltaic system, even in the worst environment, our system can still performance well.

module supply enough power.

solar module can turn the sun power into electricity , then storage in the battery and supply power whenever.

controllermanage your power.

Controller makes the solar system get the highest efficiency, control the working status of whole system and also protect the battery when it is in the charge and discharge.

batterystorage energy

The function of the battery is when solar panel generate power in the sun , it will storage and release power when it is needed .

inventerturn DC to AC

The inventor can change DC to AC , then supply power to the load. It is necessary at that moment.

loadelectricity facilities

It can be used out of power if it applied in household system, small electricity facility such as fridge , TV, Haitai can service you the best power solution plan.