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Solar wafer is the key material of making solar cell , which is widely used in p...

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  Solar wafer is the key material of making solar cell , which is widely used in photovoltaic power generation, telecommunication ,transportation and residents in remote areas and also for solar lamp, lawn lamp and roof solar photovoltaic power generation .
    The poly wafer of Tangshan Haitai New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd use the advanced facilities from America Switzerland, Hungary. Through continuous research and production practice, by using the vertical gradient solidification techniques and multi-line network cutting processes, HaiTai developed the fast crystal growth rate and unique annealing processes, effectively ensuring the stability of poly wafers and greatly improving the efficiency of the solar cells.

  •                         Growth Method                                                      DSS
  •                         Conductive Type                                                       P

  •                         Dopant                                                                       B

  •                   Resistivity(ρ)                                                 1.0 -3.0Ω•cm

  •                   Minority Carrier Lifetime                                   1.2μs(硅块Brick

  •                         Oxygen Content(oi)                                            1.0*1018 at/cm3

  •                   Carbon Content(c)                                             1.0*1017 at/cm3

  •                   Size                                                                      156*156±0.5mm

  •                   Bebel Edge Angle                                              45°± 10°

  •                   Bebel Edge Width                                              0.5-2mm

  •                   Thinkness                                                            200±20 μm

  •                   TTV                                                                        30μm

  •                   Saw Mark                                                              15μm

  •                   Bow/Warp                                                             50μm

  •                   Chip                                                                       Depth0.3mm; Length0.5mm

  •                   Crack                                                                     not allowed

  •                         Appearance                                                         Visual inspection does not stain, gaps, holes and cracks

  • 156*156 poly wafer standard specifications