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Dimensions(mm)               1580×808×40

Weight(kg)                             15.5kg

Solar cells                             72cells125mm  6×12

Construction                         Front: High transmission 3.2mm tempered glass Rear: white pv backsheet ; encapsulant EVA

Module characteristics:
Rated Maximum Power(Pm) 185W 190W 195W 200W
Tolerance +3 +3 +3 +3
Voltage at PmaxVmp 36.0V 36.5V 36.5V 36.5V
Current at PmaxImp 5.14A 5.21A 5.34A 5.48A
Open-circuit VoltageVoc 43.9V 44.5V 44.5V 44.5V
Short-Circuit CurrentIsc 5.45A 5.52A 5.66A 5.81A
Module Efficiency 14.49% 14.88% 15.27% 15.67%
Maximum Series Fuse Rating 10A
Maximum System Voltage 1000VDC
Operating Temperature -40to85
Temperature Coefficients of Pm -0.43/
Temperature Coefficients of Voc -0.32/
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature 47±2
Standard Test Conditions STC:AM=1.5=1000W/ Module Temperature=25
Warranty 90% power output 12 years
80% power output 25 years
Free from defects in materials and workmanship for 5 years
Module Advantages:

Main product output power tolerance is+3%

Through the load test of 5400Pa , apply to the blizzard weather

Customer special products, we can provide black component, special frame component , integrated Architectural module and even apply to the low light or cloudy area.

Anodized aluminum frame , improve the corrosion resistance of products

High transmittance low iron tempered glass ,  improve conversion efficiency of the component

Coated glass can improve component’s conversion efficiency and self-cleaning , reduce its Reflection rate , apply to the expressway and even other special occasion.

Irrigation plastic junction box can improve insulation resistance and Heat dissipation

Module Features:

90% power output over 12 years; 80% power output 25 years

Free from defects in material and workshop for 10 years.

Local technical support;

48 hour service feedback.

Delivery on time, reliable products to ensure the progress of work