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2012 Global PV market is reviving

    2011 is the photovoltaic industry to develop more difficult year, production fell, corporate bankruptcies, cuts in subsidies and a series of bad news will undoubtedly cast a shadow to the photovoltaic industry. Now, 2011 is over, a new chapter opened in 2012, the PV industry will face what kind of situation? Joy or sorrow? PV still be able to return to past glory? In fact, it is easy to see, light V is slowly recover, and did not stop the pace of development, the global PV market in a little bit of re-emergence.
    Only natural gas must rely on imports, Japan's energy infrastructure, 96% of the raw materials had to import Australian natural gas industry rely on exports to the Japanese by their profits. And to expand the use of natural gas consumption, with coal, you will need a large capital investment and construction. The development of wind also need several years of construction. Now, it seems the most viable solar photovoltaic Some have criticized the cost of solar panels higher than the average power generation, but the advantages of solar PV is fast, such as solar panels on the roof a few days can be installed, Japan behind the United States and the mainland, but still the panel production leading to a big country, solar panels can not generate electricity at night, but the battery of lithium-ion battery (Lithiumion) is leading the country, like Japanese consumers love to use domestic products, while local manufacturers like services the local market, which is the advantage of the development of solar photovoltaic in Japan.

    According to the European Solar Photovoltaic Industry Association statistics, from 2010, the Japan solar photovoltaic usage surge in 2010 is 3.62 million KW in 2011 an increase of 1 million KW in 2012 by 30% year on year, is expected toexceeded 600 million KW, equivalent to six nuclear power plant generating capacity.

U.S. solar photovoltaic industry in 2011 installed power generation capacity a record and experience a glorious year. According to a report released by GTM Research and the U.S. Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the United States in 2010 PV installed capacity of 887MW, 2011, a 1,855 MW. According to a new report, in 2012 the U.S. solar photovoltaic industry may once again strong growth, the industry is expected in 2012 installed power generation capacity will grow by 50%.  

    Due to the weakening of the two largest U.S. solar photovoltaic market Jialifoni, GA and New Jersey incentives, many analysts predicted last year's installed capacity of 1,500 MW to 1,700 MW. 2011 PV installed capacity in the United States ranked fourth in the world, second only to Germany, Italy and China. For 2012, GTM and SEIA will grow to between 2,500 MW of between 2800MW, is expected to have an increase of 35% to 50%.

    To reduce PV subsidies in Europe, the French government has announced that from April, the country will increase by 10% of PV electricity price subsidies, but only for the EU production of PV modules. The French government also confirmed in tariff photovoltaic power plant announced in February will be able to then get 10% bonus, if at least 60% of the installation of PV modules manufactured in Europe. The law will be implemented before the first round of the presidential election in April.  

    According to Russian media reports, Russia's top energy experts has specialized on the country's solar photovoltaic power generation potential of re-assessment, the conclusion is very positive, expected the Russian government will soon make the policy adjustments, to foster the development of the country's solar photovoltaic industry.

    Anton, President of the Association of the Russian solar Uzal Geoff said, the first in the world land area, Russia has the unique conditions of the development of solar energy can be comparable with the solar energy resource-rich countries such as Germany and Italy, southern Russia, Baikal Territory, the coastal borderarea and almost the entire Far East region of very long duration of sunshine, these grid hard to reach areas in a short period of time, the construction of solar photovoltaic power stations, in order to effectively solve the problem of energy supply.  

    Marat Zaks, Russian energy experts also pointed out that about 30 percent of the land area in Russia can effectively use solar energy, solar power potential may exceed that of Germany, the application prospect and optimistic. It is estimated that the average annual power generation of solar energy potential in Russia amounted to 1.87 billion kwh.

    Germany's advantage lies in its economic power is the first to provide clean energy subsidies. Of the country launched in early 2004, higher than the market price of solar electricity price, which also makes Germany the world's largest PV module market in total power generation.

    A number of large enterprises in Germany has entered the renewable energy business, providing innovative technology to support and expand the industrial scale. Also in the field of solar power for the world's largest auto parts supplier Bosch Group (RobertBoschGmbH) invested 1.5 billion euros for the establishment of corporate acquisitions and new plant.